Inspiration to get you started

If you want to learn more about yourself or feel better again, there are a lot of tools that you may find helpful. Books, YouTube videos and blogs, where you can find all sorts of information about a feelgood life. Here are our favorites:

Head and body in motion

Yoga helps to bring your body and mind to rest. Do you wanna start with yoga, but you still need a helping hand? Or just want to know more about yoga? We recommend the following tools:

This is the yoga book that we open the most. This yogi describes a very wide variety of styles and what positions do for your health. There are also beautiful pictures in this book.
YOGA, The New Yoga Book

If you're a little more familiar with yoga, but you especially want inspiration: On Yoga brings the kinematics and lifestyle in beautiful image.

On Yoga

For a healthy togetherness

Relationships are not always easy. To gain more insight into live and how to keep your relationship healthy, We recommend the following handy tools:

Love mama
a wonderful, comic book from the club of Relaxed Mothers.

Live in your life
If lasting relationships are difficult for you, This is an open book about the pitfalls and how to recognize them.

Hold me
A nice, instructive book on how relationships can be successful and continue to be. This book is widely recommended by fellow psychologists (and is written by a psychologist).

Understanding your abilities

Books and videos can help you reflect and increase your empathic abilities. We are fan of Brené Brown, publications include the bestseller "The power of vulnerability '. Here are our favorite tools in the field of psychology:

The power of vulnerability Brené Brown
For anyone who believes that he or she must always be perfect but, This book is a must-read. Brown explains very well how vulnerability enriches your life.

Her Ted talk on this subject is also very much worth watching:

Improve your self-image 7 in steps
In our treatments we use a lot of selfimage-training based on the COMET method of Kees Korrelboom. For everyone who wants to work with this by him/herself, this book is a huge recommendation.

Think yourself strong
Meet your 'internal critic' is an important part of our treatments. This introduction helps you understand that nagging voice in your head. An interesting book to work with this yourself is 'Think yourself strong'

In this Ted talk Steve Chapman explains about his internal critic:


The marshmallow-test
In our treatments we regularly talk about the famous marshmallow experiment "as we discuss topics like willpower and discipline. This book is about helping you improve your self-control.

Handy during pregnancy and in the period after

Pregnancy and having a child are periods of many physical and mental changes. Hormones, sleep deprivation and new challenges with a young child. It's a perfect time to learn to be in the present moment and stay there with your full attention. Tools we recommend at Feelgood Psychology are as follows:

Time for yourself with Headspace
The app offers short daily mindfulness exercises. You learn to be in the 'here and now' . The first 10 days (you can repeat endlessly) are free. Look at

The man who is the voice behind the headspace app also wrote an e-book about pregnancy.
a mindful pregnancy

Or you can first listen to a Ted talk by Andy:

Mindful birth
Also about mindfully being pregnant, birth and breastfeeding is this nice book by Nancy Bardacke. A good guide for mind and body during and after pregnancy.

Mindful Parenting Handbook

About mindful parenting has now appeared a lot, but a classic is the book of mindfulness-discoverer Jon Kabat-Zinn and his wife Myla:

Of Dutch soil there is also a handy book of Susan Bögels, a practical guide to mindful parenting.
Mindfully raising kids

For healthy and happy children

For children we have some useful tools. At Feelgood Psychology we are mainly fan:

Happiness for children

A wonderful book to read which helps to support happy and healthy children.

Yoga cards for children
If you want to introduce your children from preschool age with yoga? Then the Children Yoga Cards of Helen Purperhart are very valuable.

image: kinderyogakaarten van Helen Purperhart

Healthy food

Healthy eating is very important if you want to feel good. Therefore, we also like to read healthy cookbooks at Feelgood Psychology. Our favorites:

Easy Peasy

A cookbook for parents of small children. These cookbooks provide a healthy basis for cooking and are full of recipes that you can eat with your kids. Besides Easy Peasy there are now also:

Easy Peasy family and Easy Peasy Lunchbox

Eat like an expert

Another nice, fair and evidence-based book about food "Eat like an expert '. This book is written by a couple of ladies who are all nutritionist or dietician and wanna provide less food confusion.

Beautiful food machine

This book gives an airy, funny way the necessary background information on the functioning of your intestines and the connection with your brain and your mood.

from season to season

With food you can avoid the known winter blues. A good way to do that, is reading this cookbook Sophie Dahl. And then cook the recipes, of course.

Image: Easy Peasy, Claire Hill