Nice long healthy

Fine and practical article in Psychology magazine about the pros and cons of staying healthy. What can you add today / omission? Think of: legume, climbing stairs or yoga and mindfulness. Also great tips on how to keep you going to do this really the way you intend to formulate positive.

New location

From next week (Monday 27 March) Feelgood Psychology is to look at a second location in Amsterdam-East / Center. On Monday Delight beautiful treatment rooms are Yoga, New location Achtergracht (nummer 11-13) Visit address.

At Delight Yoga is offered yoga and meditation, as a way to get closer to yourself. This fine spaces where you can relax, you feel safe and calm can experience. The treatment room at the New Achtergracht is such a fine, relaxing place, which fits well with the holistic nature of Feelgood Psychology.

anti-stress yoga positions

Ever noticed how much focus you need to stand Eagle Pose? And how the focus creates less room for stress and worry? For non-yogis; there is a picture of the eagle pose at. Or how good it is to be able to lie down in Child's Pose? Below, you can open a beautiful infographic about yoga positions you can bet on stressful moments and what makes them work.
Click and open the infographic for the yoga exercises

yoga poses stress relief

At the barre

Last Monday I finally had time to go to studio 191 to go, yoga, movement and lifestyle studio recently opened Natasha Martin one of my favorite yoga teachers. For some time I visited her weekly baby & me yoga, This has long been a delightful moment in the week for me and my son. Then he began to crawl and grab Buddha began to find more interesting than the stretches it was time for another exercise for us together. Natasha has now opened a large studio, I have a lesson "Barre for the first time today’ followed. It is a combination of yoga, Pilates ballet, the ballet barre is used as a prop for the exercises. Barre is pretty tough compared to yoga, but the concept of studio 191 is that not only yoga classes are offered here, but also other exercise classes. The personal attention, fine music and extra touch of Natasha (nog even extra je rug aanduwen in ‘childs pose’ after an exercise example) made this a pleasant experience-Monday.


For a while I ran for my yoga class along the mini-shop where beautiful yoga outfits and attributes are placed, my eye always fell on a beautiful aqua yogatas. Today was the moment I decided to treat myself on my year-end bonus and reward for all my efforts yoga, with a yogatas of Katnkoe. I fell on her outside but when I later studied the bag I saw only the great logo, referring to the yoga poses cat and cow. Inside is a label with ‘ You roll you and stretches you out. I will protect you. We go out together. ‘ So beautiful.