Welness magazines

In a stop-over at the airport in Doha in Qatar, we arrived at a fine bookstore suddenly all sorts of fun health magazines at. The Australian 'Prevention’ went home. Very excited we were making articles about mistakes, commercials with women with different types of body types and honest interview with Naomi Watts about how challenging life can be. How nice that there is even a magazine about preventive health! Can we also do in Netherlands? But we came this month against the Dutch Vogue Wellness, nice trend!

Nice long healthy

Fine and practical article in Psychology magazine about the pros and cons of staying healthy. What can you add today / omission? Think of: legume, climbing stairs or yoga and mindfulness. Also great tips on how to keep you going to do this really the way you intend to formulate positive.


measure what you eat

you better go to sleep with a cup of warm milk? Is Carrot effective against cancer? The following article appeared in the Volkskrant this weekend following the symposium citizen science of nutrition and health. Gaston Remmers, founder of the platform and patient nutrition explains that certain experiments half of cancer patients with diet. Also, in diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism and MS growing interest in the effects of lifestyle. This knowledge is only left unused because the systematic investigation of diet on health and illness and disease so complex.


Image: Rein Janssen

Health Impact Bonds

Today I went to an interesting conference on Health Impact Bonds in the warehouse Zwijger. What really stayed with me was the workshop on financing of prevention, the sentence was suspended: ” Prevention of care is different than promoting health”.