privacy declaration

Feelgood Psychology committed to careful handling of your data. Therefore this privacy statement.

Your file

The law requires GZ-psychologists, clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists to create a file. The data is recorded in this file needed to provide proper care and / or make a careful study. The law requires us to keep records for fifteen years.

your rights

You as a client the right to inspect or copy the information contained in your file. If you find factual errors in the file, you can ask us to improve our information or complete. If you disagree with information contained in the file, please request our own declaration (your opinion) add to the dossier. You also have the right to ask us to set aside (hand out) Your file. All rights is that we go basically on your request. Only if we believe that the interests of others, For example, your children, be harmed, we may request your (partially) reject.


We have the GZ-psychologists, clinical psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists secrecy. This means that we only with your express permission to others about you or your child speak. Only in exceptional cases the law gives us the right, without providing your consent information. In such cases, we look for as a rule contact you first to discuss this information with you.


Rights of you and your children

Is a child less than twelve years old, the authoritative parents exercise his rights.

If a child already twelve but less than sixteen years old, then may the child and his authoritative parents both exercise his rights.

From sixteen years younger exercises his rights independently from.

Is a child aged twelve through intellectual disabilities, a mental disorder or for any other reason unable to exercise its rights, or oversee the consequences, than authoritative parents exercise their rights on behalf of him. If it is an adult who can not exercise his rights by limiting or disorder, the mentor or the trustee can do on behalf of the client. Is such a representative appointed by the court not, then the parents exercise, siblings or an adult child of the client of the client's rights.

More information

For more information about exercising your rights, please call or email Marije Feenstra, Psychologist and owner of Feelgood Psychology.