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Discussing problems you encounter in everyday life, is very personal. Therefore we find it important at Feelgood Psychology that you experience a 'click' with your therapist.

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onno beets

I think the beauty of this work is that you use your knowledge and skills to help others improve their quality of life significantly.

Thanks to my retirement, I now have more time for my sports. Yet the work continues to bring me so much good that I enjoy continuing with it.
I have been working in mental health care since my graduation, initially as a child psychotherapist and family therapist. Because of this I often also treated parents for their own troubles and I also often saw them in connection with partner relationship problems.

Fortunately, many good new developments have emerged in psychotherapy. Over the years I have been able to continuously expand my therapeutic options, of course with the associated training. In my treatments I use solution-oriented therapy, Socratic dialogue, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and system therapy.

Since 2000 I am a BIG registered psychotherapist.