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Discussing problems you encounter in everyday life, is very personal. Therefore we find it important at Feelgood Psychology that you experience a 'click' with your therapist.

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Marije Feenstra

Psychology is an important part of my life. Ever since I can remember I've been interested in what drives people. Understanding this allows me to contribute to development and health of others.

In my work I like to focus on the resilience that people have by nature, I have a positive attitude and like to focus on possibilities. I also believe there is much to be gained in terms of staying healthy rather than just fighting disease. Lifestyle (food, to sleep, move, relaxation, meaning) is, in my opinion, an important factor to include in your treatment.

As a GZ psychologist, I work with adults with various types of complaints and developmental questions. I use, among other things:. Cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, schema therapy, ACT en mindfulness.

“I joined Marije after a referral from my GP for trauma processing with. EMDR. The sessions took place in a familiar atmosphere, so I set myself vulnerable, which is necessary in my view for effective treatment. The result is therefore to. I feel free in the area that has been treated such that I have hardly any attention. It is a “ordinary” memory now.

Kees (58 years)

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