Feelgood Psychology in &C Magazine

Feelgood Psychology in &C magazine!

The December issue of &C is all about selfcare. Is this a green smoothie, roll out your yoga mat, a business model or the foundation of good health? Marije Feenstra spoke with &C about what good self-care can mean for your health. As far as we are concerned, self-care is one of the basic elements of health. It could be about the smoothie; take better care of yourself in terms of nutrition, de yogamat; move more. But it can also be about drinking less alcohol, say no more often or motivate yourself to go out more often. Think of good self-care as brushing your teeth, something that makes you part of your daily routine. Read the whole article on page 28 from &C: take care of your selfie.


Online self-care training in collaboration with psychology magazine !

It is particularly important at this time to continue to take good care of yourself. In collaboration with psychology magazine I make this new online training, aimed at, among other things, self-care and stress reduction. With elements from my daily work as a psychologist, mindfulness and yoga. From May (completely digital 🙂 to follow via Instagram. Join you?



Mental health for children

This beautiful info-graphic about how you can contribute to the mental health of your child arrived this week against on Pinterest. If you are a father or mother, You probably already paid attention to most of these issues, but perhaps there is one from which you want to pay extra attention to the coming period?

Welness magazines

In a stop-over at the airport in Doha in Qatar, we arrived at a fine bookstore suddenly all sorts of fun health magazines at. The Australian 'Prevention’ went home. Very excited we were making articles about mistakes, commercials with women with different types of body types and honest interview with Naomi Watts about how challenging life can be. How nice that there is even a magazine about preventive health! Can we also do in Netherlands? But we came this month against the Dutch Vogue Wellness, nice trend!

Fitter and fit

Lifestyle guru Arie Boomsma was recently interviewed for Volkskrant Magazine about his new book: Fit

Here he told me to do squats while changing his children and to do a challenging exercise while brushing your teeth. The interviewer looked at this to me with some suspicion, but I got myself just that excited about this lifestyle inspiration!

There is a kind of "kaizen approach forward; change you can make to be successful by taking small steps. I bought the book for the man of the house and caught myself on propagating Arie's tooth brushing tips in a life-coaching session yesterday.

Nice long healthy

Fine and practical article in Psychology magazine about the pros and cons of staying healthy. What can you add today / omission? Think of: legume, climbing stairs or yoga and mindfulness. Also great tips on how to keep you going to do this really the way you intend to formulate positive.