New location

From next week (Monday 27 March) Feelgood Psychology is to look at a second location in Amsterdam-East / Center. On Monday Delight beautiful treatment rooms are Yoga, New location Achtergracht (nummer 11-13) Visit address.

At Delight Yoga is offered yoga and meditation, as a way to get closer to yourself. This fine spaces where you can relax, you feel safe and calm can experience. The treatment room at the New Achtergracht is such a fine, relaxing place, which fits well with the holistic nature of Feelgood Psychology.

The inn

You know the poem 'tavern'?
Mindfulness trainings we use this poem regularly as a metaphor for learning allowing all kinds of feelings, less pleasant. I myself did not immediately something about this poem, but after I saw him regularly over, given the content more and more significance for me. In a difficult period when a lot of negative feelings had helped me to think of the inn; hot they welcome.

The inn

Humanity is an inn;
every day new guests.

Joy, disappointment, a moment of clarity;
come as unexpected visitors.

Welcome them and receive them all welcoming !
Even though it worries a lot
That mess up your house.

still treat every guest with respect.
Perhaps he cleans up at you
so as to make way for something else, something nice.

The gloomy thought, shame, anger,
Join them laughing met at the door
and ask them to move forward.

Be open to anyone who comes.
Because each of them has been sent
As a guide from the unknown.

edited from:
Barks, C. The Essential Rumi, San Fransisco: Harper, 1997


In my work as a psychologist, I have I have treated many people with burnout in recent years. Especially when I worked for an employer where many people ended up working for big companies, like the big Dutch banks which was reorganized and many still. They were often inspired treatments with people who went with great motivation to work. In this blog I wrote for The Consciousness School as part of the "burnout month’ they organize, I suppose you like to join in the treatment of burn-out with a psychologist might look like.

This is a burnout

Self image & photo

Today's lesson was self-image & Photography at the School of consciousness followed by 12 enthusiastic men and women. They have photographed together and given compliments. In addition, they talked about self-image with each other and what it does to you to stand in front of the camera. Photography is a wonderful way to get to know yourself and to yourself to confront. At the end everyone was photographed again professionally. In the pictures you can see the wonderful result of some brave people who were photographed today.

Jantien the Bood, photographer and photo coach and Marije Feenstra, Psychologist and mindfulness trainer joined them today 'Feelgood' forces; Marije runs a psychology practice in the consciousness School named Feelgood Psychology and Jantien 'Feelgood shoots'. They gave the lesson self & photography today in the context of the summer replacement 'self love', but given the enthusiastic response they like to go back once for a class or workshop.

Self image

Boring, ran, reliable, friendly, irritant, intelligent ... When we us a picture of a different form, are often various characterizations us on. Our brain seems (almost) automatically to divide everything into categories. Like us an idea of ​​the different forms, We also have an image of ourselves. The image you have is very crucial to how you feel about yourself and what you do. In the next few weeks to replace a number of classes at the school Consciousness, on Monday 12:15 hours they will have self-esteem issues and on Thursday I will give mindfulness training. In this article I will give you a preview of the theme self.

(My) selfie